Central Institute for Cotton Research

Priority Setting, Monitoring & Evaluation (PME)

Cell RCM, AKMU, IRC, RAC, ARMS QRT Compliance monitoring,PSME
Dr. M. V. Venugopalan
(PME In-charge) Member Secretary , RAC
Dr. K. Velmourougane,
Sr.Scientist (Member Secretary , IRC)
Er. G. Majumdar,
I/c AKMU, Crop Production
Mrs.Vandana Satish,
Shri. Paresh Bhoyar,

Co-opted members from Divisions & Regional Stations

Dr. Rishi Kumar,
Pr. Scientist, Regional Station, Sirsa
Dr. J Annie Sheeba,
Sr. Scientist, Regional Station, Coimbatore
 Dr. Babasaheb Fand,
Scientist, Crop Protection
Dr. Pooja Verma,
Scientist, Crop Production
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