Central Institute for Cotton Research

Conference Attended

2022 Participation of Scientists in Symposia/ Conference/ Seminars/ Webinar /Symposia
  1. Dr K P Raghavendra. International Symposium on Advances in Plant Biotechnology and Nutritional Security (APBNS- 2022). ICAR-NIPB, New Delhi 28-30 April 2022
  2. Dr V N Waghmare, Dr S Manickam Dr. Blaise Desouza, Dr S. Usha Rani, Dr R. Nalayini, Dr K. Sankaranarayanan, Dr Rishi Kumar, Dr SK Sain, K Velmourougane, Dr Amarpreet Singh, Dr V. Chinna Babu Naik, Dr. G. Balasubramani, Dr J Amudha, Dr Vinita Gotmare, Dr. Saravanan, M, Dr V. Santhy, Dr. K P Raghavendra, Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Mr. Joy Das, Dr K. Baghyalakshmi, Dr A. Sampathkumar, Dr P. Valarmathi and Dr A. Manivannan. National Symposium on Paradigm Shift in Cotton Cultivation. MPUAT and Cotton Research and Development Association at MPUAT, Udaipur. 08 -10 August 2022
  3. Dr S Manickam, Dr K. Sankaranarayanan, Dr S. Usha Rani, Dr Rishi Kumar, Dr SK Sain, Dr. G. Balasubramani, Dr P Valarmathi, Dr A Manikandan, and Dr A Manivannan. National Symposium “100 glorious years of cotton research and way forward”. TNAU, Coimbatore, 18-19 October 2022
  1. Dr Saravanan M. International conference on “Biotechnological Initiative for Climate Resilient Agriculture”. Dr. Rajendra Prasad Agricultural University, Pusa, Samastipur 07-09, January 2022
  2. Dr S K Sain, Dr D T Nagrale, Dr P Valarmathi. 8th International Conference on Plant Pathology: Retrospect & Prospects. SKNAU, Jobner – Jaipur, Rajasthan, 23-26 March 2022
  3. Dr Rishi Kumar, Dr S K Sain, Dr Amarpreet Singh, Dr S Manickam, Dr S Usha Rani. Annual Group Meeting of AICRP on Cotton, 2022 & Fifty Years (Golden Jubilee) of Cotton Hybrid Technology. TNAU, Coimbatore 06-08 April 2022
  4. Dr S Manickam. CITI-CDRA Golden Jubilee Celebration. Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, 12 April 2022
  5. Dr Amarpreet Singh. National conference on “Promotion of Kisan Drones: Issues, Challenges and Way Forward”. NASC Complex, New Delhi 02 May 2022
  6. Dr M Amutha. Biotech Innovation Ignition School -12 conducted by BIRACs-SRISTI Ahmedabad (SRISTI) 13 June – 3. July, 2022 (Online)
  7. Dr K P Raghavendra. International Conference in Hybrid mode on Innovative and Current Advances in Agriculture and Allied Sciences (ICAAAS-2022). Himachal Pradesh University Summer Hill, Shimla 12-14, June 2022
  8. Dr M Amutha. International Conference on Recent Advances in Agricultural, Biological and Applied Sciences Research. Assam, 8’9 August, 2022 (Online)
  9. Dr K Velmourougane, Dr K P Raghavendra. International Conference on Advances in Agriculture and Food System towards Sustainable Development Goals (AAFS2022). UAS Bengaluru 22-24 August 2022
  10. Dr A. Sampathkumar, Dr A Manivannan . International Conference on “Biotechnology Trends and Future Prospects”. Department of Plant Biotechnology, UAS, GKVK, Bengaluru. 13 th – 15th
  11. Dr Y G Prasad, Dr M V Venugopalan, Dr Rishi Kumar, Dr V Chinna Babu Naik, Dr D V Patil, Dr G Balasubramani, Dr J Amudha, Dr K P Raghavendra, Dr S Usha Rani, Dr K Sankaranarayanan, Dr J Gulsar Banu, Dr M Sabesh. WCRC-7 organized by International Cotton Researchers Association (ICRA) in collaboration with International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC). Cairo, Egypt 04-07 October 2022
  12. Dr S K Sain. National Conference on Natural Farming for Sustainable Agriculture and National Prosperity. SDAU, Sardarkrushinagar 11-13 October 2022
  13. Dr V. Chinna Babu Naik, Dr M Amutha. 18th AZRA International Conference on “Advances in Applied Zoological Researches towards Food, Feed & Nutritional Security and Safer Environment”. ICAR-CIWA, Bhubaneswar. 10-12, November 2022
  14. Dr Vinita Gotmare, Dr Debashis Paul. 1st National Congress on Plant Genetic resource management. NASC Complex, New Delhi. 22-24, November 2022
  15. Dr A Manikandan. National Conference on Innovative Technologies in Agriculture. Priyadharshini Bhagwati College of Engineering, Nagpur. 24-25 March 2022
  16. Dr MV Venugopalan. Better Cotton Implementing Partners’ Webinar, London, United Kingdom (on-line). Jan 18-19, 2022 (on-line)
  17. Dr MV Venugopalan. State workshop on Sustainability of Cotton – GIZ India and Cotton Corporation of India (CCI). Mumbai, 20 April, 2022.
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