Common cropping systems adopted in cotton growing states

Cropping System
Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan
Cotton-wheat, cotton-mustard, cotton-berseem
Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat
Cotton (monocrop), cotton-jowar (two year rotation), cotton-wheat, cotton intercropped with blackgram, greengram, soyabean, groundnut and redgram
Tamil Nadu
Cotton (monocrop), rice-cotton, rice-rice-cotton, cotton-jowar, cotton-pulse-jowar, cotton intercropped with onion, blackgram, groundnut
Andhra Pradesh
Cotton (monocrop), cotton-rice (1 year), cotton-chilli or cotton-tobacco (two year rotation)
Cotton (monocrop), cotton-wheat, cotton intercropped with chilli, blackgram, greengram, groundnut