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The Krishi Vigyan Kendra was established at Central Institute for Cotton Research, Nagpur in 1994. The infrastructure facilities include 20 hectare of land, Administrative building, Green houses, Net house, Vermi compost urea, Fruit nursery and Goat rearing unit. The Agriculture Technology Information Centre (ATIC) was established during 2001, as a 'single window' to make available all the information at one place.


The Director, Central Institute for Cotton Research, Nagpur is also the Head of the Krishi Vigyan Kendra and coordinates its functions. The day to day activities of the KVK are carried out by the personnel of KVK.


The following programmes are being implemented by the KVK. :
  • Popularisation of Integrated Pest Management Programme
  • Adoption of Integrated Nutrient and Water Management
  • Adoption of Improved Varieties
  • Encouraging Farms to grow fruit trees, other than Citrus trees
  • Popularisation of Floriculture
  • Encouraging water shed development
  • Empowerment of farm women
  • Post Harvest Technology in fruits and vegetables
  • Encouraging unemoployed rural youth and school dropouts to channellise their energy towards gainful employment
  • Poverty alleviation through diversification of agriculture and self employment
  • Promotion of trials at farmers fields using PRA tool
  • Promotion of low cost technology in agriculture and animal husbandry



Regular training programmes are conducted to farmers, rural youth and extension functionaries on various scientific methods of agriculture and animal husbandry.

Front Line Demonstration and adaptive trials:

Improved varieties of Soybean, Pigeon pea, Sunflower and Chick pea are demonstrated in the on-farm trials. The latest technologies developed are also demonstrated through these trials.
Live stock improvement technologies were also demonstrated and popularized in the adopted village. The farmers belonging to SC/ST categories also benefited from these client oriented trials Cows, Goats, Rabbits and Poultry formed the integral parts of these trials.

Crop demonstration (on campus)

In the KVK instructional farm, crop demonstrations on Cotton, Chickpea, Soybean, Fodder crop, Vegetables and Fruits are under taken. The farmers from Nagpur district are also periodically invited to these demonstrations to get first hand information on crop production technologies.

Advisory service:

Under this programme, the farmers are being advised on cultivation of horticulture and field crops. Besides, advise on adoption of IPM, INM and IWM practices are also given. Farmers are also given training on scientific methods of Mushroom cultivation. As many as 2665 farmers have benefited during 1999-2000.

Extension activities:

Kisan Melas are frequently organized. Besides, Radio talks and T.V. Programmes on various Topics of Agriculture, Animal Science and other allied subjects are given by the Scientists attached to KVK. Veterinary ?are also organized.

Women empowerment:

Skill oriented training to farm and tribal women are imparted on various agricultural operations. Training on processing of fruits and vegetables and preparation of various dairy products and mushroom recopies are given to women.

Agriculture diversification:

Development of new orchards, other than Citrus is encouraged. New activities like mushroom cultivation, sericulture, floriculture, goat rearing and vermin compost production are also encouraged.

KVK Publications :

  1. Bakri Palan (Marathi) by Dr Ulhas Galkate and P.B.Deulkar
  2. Navjat Wasrache Sangopan by Dr Ulhas Galkate and P.B.Deulkar
  3. Nitkrust Charyawar Ureachi Prakriya by Dr Ulhas Galkata
  4. Sasepalan-ek phaydeshir jodvyavsay by Dr Ulhas Galkata
  5. Mhashinipasun swacha Dughautpadan ase milwawe by Dr S.N.Rokde
  6. Janavanwaril Tod ani Tyawaril Pratibanhak Upay by Dr. Ulhas Galkata
  7. Rasayanik Khatancha Karyaksham Waper by Arjun Tayade
  8. Tur Lagwadiche Sudhrit Tantra by Arjun Tayade
  9. Suryaphulawaril pramukh kidi wa Roganche Ekatmik Vyavsthapan by Arjun Tayade
  10. Kapashiwaril Bondalyanchya vyavshthapnat Kamgandha Saplyancha Wapar by Dr Ram Ratan Gupta
  11. Kapus Pikawaril roganche Trichodermadware vyavsthapan by Dr Ram Ratan Gupta
  12. Kitaknashkanchi Prachavkari Phavarani by Dr Ram Ratan Gupta
  13. Kapashiwaril kidi wa roganche vyavsthapan by Dr Ram Ratan Gupta
  14. Vishari Jivnashakancha Surakshit waper kasa Kar by Dr Ram Ratan Gupta
  15. Kapashiwaril Kidinche ekadnik vvcivsthapan by Dr Ram Ratan Gupta
  16. Kapashichya Lagwadiche Sudharit Tantra by Dr Ram Ratan Gupta
  17. Bharai Mein kapas ki Unnal Kisme Aur sankar by Dr Ram Ratan Gupta
  18. Kapus Lagwadiche Navintam Tantra by Dr Ram Ratan Gupta
  19. Jwariwaril Roganchi Olakh wa Tyapasun pikanche saurakshan by Dr Ram Ratan Gupta
  20. Phal Prakriya Udyog - Ek Jodvyavsay Lajjatdar Lonchi by Mrs Sunita Chauhan
  21. Phal Prakriya Udvog - Ek Jodvvavsay-Sarbate by Mrs Sunita Chauhan
  22. Alimbi Utpadan Udyog by Mrs Sunita Chauhan
  23. Indhanvirahit Shit Kaksha by Mrs Sunita Chauhan


Information compiled, Page designed and developed by Dr. M. Sabesh, Sr. Scientist, CICR, Coimbatore