World Cotton Research Conference
Theme : Technologies for Prosperity

Panel Discussion


Panel Discussion I : ‘GM Cotton'. Chairman: Dr. Dutta, S.K., ICAR, India; Co-Chairman by Mr. Bhagirath Choudhary, ISAAA, India
Dr C. D. Mayee, Dr. Manjunath, Dr. Leigh English and Mr Haroldo Cunha
Panel Discussion II : ‘Insecticides: What next?' Chairman: Dr. Sagar Kousik Co-Chairman by R D Kapoor, India
Panelists :
Dr. Mohan babu, Dr Gary Thompson, Dr Ajit Kumar, Mr Anil Kakkar
Panel Discussion III : ‘Fiber quality: Textile needs' Chairman: Mr S Kotak, India, Co-chaired by Dr.K.R.K.Iyer
Mr. Prem Malick, Dr. Greg Holt, Dr. Sharada Devi, Mr. P.D. Patodia and Mr. Jalan Gopaldas

It was clear from the discussion that biotech crops are here to stay and grow. As yet after 10-15 years of is presence no adverse report has come to light and therefore. It was felt that newer areas need to be covered in biotech cotton. The delibration was for sustainable (long term) crop protection that will be cost effective with minimal toxicological/ environmental impact. Insecticides foot prints from 1940 to till date has been presented and has been categorized as the basis of molecule and mode of action. It is now needed to identify newer molecules with narrow target base. In India production of cotton is mostly limited to medium and long staple varieties and hybrids. Needs of the industry are not met with for extra-long staple cotton as well as for short and coarse cottons. Also, most of the cottons grown here have good fineness-micronnaire value but comparatively low strength. Work needs to be done on improving the strength and extension properties of these cottons. Some of the long cottons have low maturity ie. more immature fibres causing problems in processing. Varieties with improvement in maturity and its sustainance are very much required by the textile industries.

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