Dr (Mrs.) Venoor Santhy
Scientist (Sr. Scale)

Date of Birth
26th September 1969
Ph. D (Seed Science and Technolgy)
Title: Identification of genotypes using biochemical and molecular markers in rice ( Oryza sativa )

Central Institute for Cotton Research
PB.No.2, Shankarnagar PO, Nagpur - 440 010,
Maharashtra , INDIA
Office Tel. No.: 07103-275549
Office Fax No.: 07103-275529  

Academic Qualification

  • B.Sc (Agriculture), Kerala Agricultural.University
  • M.Sc. (Seed Science and Technology), Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi
  • Ph. D (Seed Science and Technolgy), Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi

Research Project Completed

  • Assessment of seed vigor traits in cotton ( Worked as Principal Investigator; Funded by Institute, Duration: 2003 – 2010)
  • Transgene expression and its effect on quantity and quality of reserves in seeds of Bt cotton hybrid (Worked as PI Funded by Institute, Duration: 2008-2011)
  • Maintenance Breeding, seed quality improvement and marker based purity evaluation (Worked as Co-operating Centre PI under Technology Mission on Cotton- Mini Mission - 1) Duration 2003 - 2007
  • Bt cotton- Multilocation evaluation (RCGMLT) and biosafety studies (For carrying out Pollen gene flow studied in BN-1 Bt cotton, first public sector Bt variety)

Ongoing Research Project

  • Testing of extant varieties in cotton for Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability under Plant Variety Protection Act, 2001 ( Working as PI; Funded by G.O.I., Ministry of Agriculture, Duration: 2004 – being continued )
  • Exploitation of Thermo sensitive genetic male sterility for hybrid seed production in cotton ( Working as CCPI Funded by ICAR under Technology Mission on Cotton, Duration: 2007 - 2012
  • Phenotyping and genotyping of cotton genotypes ( Working as PI Funded by Institute, Duration: 2008 – 2011)
  • Seed Production of Agricultural crops.(Working as Co PI in Mega Seed Project Funded by Department of Agriculture and Co-operation, ICAR, New Delhi, Since: 2006)

Trainings undertaken (National and International)

  • Completed 21 days ICAR-CAS training on “Modern approaches in Heterosis Breeding” held from 12 th Feb – 3 rd March, 2008 at TNAU. Coimbatore
  • Completed two and a half months training course from 1 st April, 2009 till 15 th June, 2009 on Cotton Production and Technology organized by Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture, Giza , Egypt

  • Completed 15 days International training( IBSA) on “Cotton Production And Value Addition” (Nov, 17- 29, 2008) CICR, Nagpur


Research Publications:

  • Santhy, V. , T. Mohapatra, M. Dadlani., S.P.Sharma and R.P.Sharma (2000) DNA markers for testing distinctness of rice varieties International Journal of Plant Varieties and Seeds, 13: 141 - 148

  • Santhy, V., M. Dadlani., T. Mohapatra and S. P. Sharma (2003) Identification of parental lines and hybrids of rice using RAPD markers. Seed Sci. & Technol . 31: 187 – 192

  • Santhy , V., P. R. Vijaya Kumari and R. K. Deshmukh (2005) Enhancement measures of seed quality in cotton Journal of Indian Society for Cotton Improvement 30; 1: 21-32

  • Santhy, V. and R.K. Deshmukh (2008) Methanol stress test to evaluate initial seed vigor in cotton Seed Research 36 (1)

  • Santhy, V. , Palve, S.M., K. Rathinavel and Anshu Vishwanathan (2009) Inter relationships among seed reserve traits in desi cotton ( G. arboreum) Indian Journal of Plant Breeding and Genetics 69 (1): 69 - 72

  • Santhy, V. , Jagvir Singh and Anshu Vishwanathan (2009) Effect of seed Index on varietal performance in upland cotton Seed Research 37 (1 & 2) 175 – 179

  • Santhy , V.; P.R. Vijaya Kumari and Anshu Vishwanathan (2008) Effect of chemical seed invigoration on germination under osmotic stress in cotton National Seminar on second Green Revolution Necessity or Compulsion Oct 19-21 pp: 172

  • Santhy , V. and B. M. Khadi (2008) Approaching issues of quality in Bt cotton seed Current Science 94; 12

  • P. R. Vijaya Kumari, V. Santhy , Sonali Virkhede, Manjusha Lanjewar and Punit Mohan Relative response of germplasm towards PEG induced moisture stress in Cotton ( Communicated )

Book Chapters :

  • B. M. Khadi; V. Santhy and M. S. Yadav (2010) Cotton: An Introduction In: Cotton – Biotechnological Advances Edt. Usha. B. Zehr Copy Right: Springer-Verlag-Berlin, Heidelberg, 2010 pp: 1- 13

  • B. M. Khadi; V. Santhy and M. S. Yadav (2010) Cotton in India In: Cotton - Biotechnological Advances Edt. Usha. B. Zehr Copy Right: Springer-Verlag-Berlin, Heidelberg, 2010 pp: 14 – 45

Papers presented in Seminars/Symposia/Works Shops

  • Santhy V., Palve S.M., Bhat S.R., Gotmare Vinita and Virkhede Sonali. 2010. Thermo sensitive genetic male sterility in desi cotton ( G. arboreum ) – Oral presentation at the Seed Science Congress, 18-20 January 2010, B.P.Pal Auditorium, IARI, New Delhi.

  • Santhy, V ; G. Balasubramani; M. Lanjewar and Sonali Virkhede (2009) Pollen Mediated Gene Flow in Bt cotton. Paper Presented paper (poster) in the National Seminar on Bt Cotton: Opportunities and Prospects held during 17 th – 19 th November, 2009 at Nagpur

  • Santhy, V.; S. B. Nandeshwar; M. Lanjewar; s. Virkhede and P.K. Chakraborthy (2009) Study for Xenia effect of Bt gene: cry 1Ac in cotton ( G. hirsutum ). Paper presented in the 7 th Asia-Pacific Rim conference on Bt held during 26 th – 28 th November, 2009 at NASC, New Delhi

  • Deshmukh, R. K.; P.R. Vijaya Kumari and V. Santhy (2010) Seed Storability and quality in cotton hybrid seed as influenced by various crossing interventions. Paper presented (Poster) in the National Seminar on Post Harvest Management of Seed for Quality Assurance and Farmers' Prosperity held during 26th – 27th, February, 2010 at IARI, Regional Station, Karnal

  • Santhy,V.; R .K.Deshmukh; P.R.Vijaya kumari (2004) Genotypic variability for seedling vigor traits in cotton National symposium on “Changing world order – Cotton Research, Development and Policy in context” going to be held at Hyderabad on August 10-12, 2004

  • R. K. Deshmukh, V. Santhy and P. R. Vijayakumari (2004) Effect of delinting methods on seed quality in cotton Proceedings of International Symposium on Strategies for Sustainable cotton production 2004 Vol.1. page 330-331

  • Presented a paper titled “Pollen Mediated Gene Flow in transgenics” at Adilabad , National Seminar on Second Green Revolution, Necessity or Compulsion, Oct, 19- 21,pp-89- 93

Other Publications

Technical/Popular Articles

  • B. M. Khadi, V. Santhy and I. S. Kategari (2008) New System of Genetic Male Sterility in diploid cotton CICR News Letter pp: 4
  • B. M. Khadi, V. Santhy , I. S. Kategari and V. Gotmare (2008) Five loculed G. arboreum cotton CICR News Letter pp: 5
  • V. Santhy , R. K. Deshmukh and P.R.Vijayakumari (2005) Understanding seed quality control programmes published in Kapas Samachar Jan-March

Technical Bulletins:

  • V. Santhy et al , Hybrid Seed Production in Cotton. CICR Technical Bulletin No. 35
  • V. Santhy et al , Legislations for Seed Quality Regulation in India , CICR Technical Bulletin No. 38

Training Manuals prepared

  • Developed a Practical Manual “Techniques in Seed Physiology” authored by M. Dadlani., V. Santhy and Veena Vasisht
  • Developed a Training manual developed for the trainees of National Training on Varietal Purity – Testing of Specified Traits organized at CICR, Nagpur during 15 th – 24 th February, 2010  

Patents/Varieties registered as genetic stock:

Worked as part of team for registration of following two plant genetic stocks with National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, New Delhi

  • Five loculed G. arboreum , ABC-5 (INGR 08090) by B. M. Khadi; V. Santhy ; I. S. Katageri and V. Gotmare
  • Thermo sensitive Genetic male sterile line of G. arboreum, CATS-18 (INGR 08091) by B. M. Khadi, V. Santhy and I.S.Katageri


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