Sr Scientist ( Agril. Entomology)

Ph D in Agriculture Entomology
 Years of experience

11 Years

Contact Address

Central Institute for Cotton Research, Regional Station,
Sirsa 125 055, Haryana, India.
Telephone : +9 1-1666-220428 (O)
+91- 9466375285 (M)

Academic Qualification

  • Ph D in Agriculture Entomology, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar in 1999 with CSIR, Senior Research Fellowship for Ph.D Research Project.
  • M.Sc. in Agriculture Entomology, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar in 1994 with University Merit Scholarship
  • B.Sc (Hons.) Agriculture, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar in 1991 with ICAR Scholarship

Employment Record:

  • October, 2007–Present , Sr. Scientist (Agricultural Entomology), Central Institute for Cotton Research, Nagpur , Regional Station , Sirsa
  • 2000- 2007 , Assistant Professor of Plant Protection (Entomology) – Krishi Vigyan Kendra , Punjab Agricultural University , Ludhiana

Trainings Attended:

  • Insecticide toxicology organized by Centre of Advance Studies , Department of Entomology, CCS HAU, Hisar from 15 th October1999 to 4 th November 1999
  • Advances in Apiculture organized by Centre of Advance Studies, Department of Entomology, CCS HAU, Hisar from 15 th Feberuary 2001 to 7 th March 2001
  • Application of Techniques in Entomology organized by Centre of Advance Studies , Department of Entomology, CCS HAU, Hisar from 22 th Feberuary 2005 to 15 th March 2005

Current Research Area:

  • Formulation of sustainable strategies on the cotton pest management.
  • Resistance and resurgence monitoring in insect-pests against insecticides.


  • Biology of mealy bug, its parasitisation by Aenasius bambawalei , mealybug sampling strategies finalized.
  • Evaluation of Strategies for the eco-friendly management of mealybug.
  • Insecticides Induced Resurgence in mealybug reported.

Present Research Programs and Projects:

  • Bioecology and sampling of mealybug in cotton (Rishi Kumar and Dilip. Monga, (2008-2010)
  • Studies on the impact of systemic insecticides on sucking pests and non-target arthropod communities in Bt and non Bt cotton ( Rishi Kumar ,2008-2010)
  • Emerging and key pests: their characterization, taxonomy, genetic diversity and control” (K. R. Kranthi, Rishi Kumar ,2007-12)
  • Development and validation of IPM/ IRM Strategies for Bt and conventional cotton under different ecosystem(B.B. Bhosle, Sandhya Kranthi and Rishi Kumar, 2007-2012)
  • Dissemination of Insecticide Resistance Management Strategies in Haryana (K.R.Kranthi, Dilip Monga and Rishi Kumar ,2007-12)
  • Research into development of decision Support System for major insect pests of rice and cotton based cropping systems (Dr V.S.Nagrare, Rishi Kumar )

Completed Research Programs and Projects:

  • NATP Project Integrated Pest Management in Irrigated Cotton (2001-04)

Teaching / Extension Achievements:

Item (Numbers)



Additional Information

Vocational trainings (38)

Beekeeping and IPM


1130 participants

Shot duration training (107)

IPM in various crops


3400 participants

In- service training (6)



106 extension personnel


Beekeeping and IPM


45 army persons

Front line demonstration (442)

Cotton, oilseeds & pulse


Various locations

Method demonstrations (24)

IPM and Bee keeping




Display of plant protection activities


55 at various functions

Field days (30)

Cotton , oilseed & pulses


Various locations

Kisan melas (25)

Rabi & Kharif crops


At Ludhiana & Bathinda

Surveys (cotton, wheat, rice) 25

For insect pest problems


Bathinda and Mansa

Invitation lecture (185)

On IPM and Bee keeping


For farmers and farm women

Radio and TV talks (6)

IPM and Beekeeping


For farmers and farm women

Recommendations for package of Practices Published by PAU:

  • Spot Application of Profenophos 40EC @3.5 ml or Cholorpyriphos 20EC@8ml,Quinalphos 25EC@ 5.5ml or Acephate75 SP@ 5.5 g, Thiodicarb 75WP @ 2.0g or Carbaryl 50WP@6g per liter water.
  • Management of citrus whitefly, aphid and psylla.
  • Recommendation of Flubendamide480SC for the control of Bollworm complex.
  • Tested new brands of Imidacloprid /Acetamiprid/Thiomethoxam for the management of jassid


  • Association for Advancement of Entomology, University of Kerala , Trivandrum
  • Indian Society for the Advancement of Insect Science, PAU. Ludhiana

Conference/ Seminar / Symposia Participation:

  • National Seminar on Entomology in 21 st Century, held at RCA, Udaipur (30 th April to 05 th May, 1998) and presented a paper.
  • International conference on Nature farming and Ecological balance held at CCS HAU, Hisar (07 th -10 th March; 2001) and presented a paper.
  • Attended seminar on Processing and Marketing organized by ATMA, held at Jalandhar (23 rd March; 2001 )
  • Banner programme in Extension organized by ATMA held at PAU, Ludhiana (16 th -18 th Augt; 2002)
  • Punjab science congress and presented a research paper at TIET, Patiala, Punjab (07 th - 09 th Feb; 2002)
  • Congress on Insect Science held at PAU, Ludhiana (15 th -17 th Dec; 2005) and presented a paper.
  • Congress on Insect Science held at PAU Ludhiana ( Feb 21-22 ) and presented two paper.


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Coverage in CICR, Newsletter :

  • Rishi Kumar, Jat, S. L. and Monga, D. 2009. Lady bird beetle Brumus suturalis – a potential predator of mealybug: April-June , 2009
  • Rishi Kumar and Monga, D. 2009. Record of parasites and parasitoids on mealybug at different locations: Jan.-March , 2009

Technical Manual:

  • Monga, D, Rishi Kumar and Indoria,A.K. 2009. Insecticide Resistance Management (IRM). School Manual. Published by CICR, RS, Sirsa, pp 1-65.

Pumphlet & Pictorial Key Board

  • Sohi,A.S., Dhawan,A.K.,brar,D.S.and Rishi Kumar .2005. Punjab wich narme kapas di kasat layi jaruri nukte ( Important hints for successful cultivation of cotton in Punjab)
  • Brar,D.S. and Rishi Kumar .2007. Mealybug de Agaoo wadhe attehamle nu rokan layi ahim nukte ( Important point to check the further spread of mealybug)
  • Kumar, Rishi, K.C.Kumhar and Monga,D. 2008 . Kapas mein mealy bug ki Samasya evem roktham ( In Hindi )
  • Kumar ,Rishi and Monga, D. 2008. Kapas mein mealybug ke liye eisa karein evem eisa na karein ( Do and Don't do for mealybug management in Cotton )

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