Dr. A. H. Prakash,
Project Coordinator and Head
 Ph.D- Plant Physiology
 Years of experience
 14 years

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Significant Research Achievements

  • A medium has been devised where parthenogenetic germination can be obtained from unfertilized ovules of hybrid NHH 44
  • Application of ethophan (Ethrel) at 30 ppm on 35 & 45 DAS induced syncroused square production and boll bursting.
  • Application of Maleic hydrazide at 0.5-1.0% alter the plant canopy and enhance boll production in cotton
  • Standardised medium for in vitro production of fibres from fertilized and unfertilized ovules
  • Application of 2,4-D has a inhibitory effect on production of reducing sugars, amino acids and proteins under in vitro ovule culture, while application of IAA as auxin source enhanced synthesis of reducing sugars, amino acids and protein, thereby good ovule growth.
  • Wide hybridization was effected between incompatible species of cotton. The barrier was overcome through embryo rescue technique. Now callus has been obtained from various crosses and the next step of plantlet regeneration is in progress.
  • Enormous data has been generated on weather parameter (for the past ten years), soil profile and fertility status and plant growth characteristics. Utilising this data the yield prediction models viz., CALGOS, COTTAM and GOSSYM are being validated for yield prediction under Coimbatore condition.

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