ICAR-CICR Annual Report: 2020


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 Preface and Contents

Executive Summary
Introduction: Mandate-Organogram-Budget
Theme 1: Cotton Genetic Resouces and Pre-Breeding
Theme 2: Accelerating Genetic Gains for Productivity and Quality and Climate Resilience
Theme 3: Maintenance Breeding, Seed Research and Quality Seed Production
Theme 4: Gene Discovery and Trait Improvement through Omics and Transgenics
Theme 5: Documentation of Genetic Diversity of Cotton Insect Pests, Parasitoids, Predators, Pathogens and Economically Important Microbial Populations in Cotton
Theme 6: Consolidating Ecologically Compatible and Sustainable Insect Pest Management Strategies for Conventional, Tansgenic and Organic Cotton
Theme 7: Precision based Cotton Farming with Mechanical Harvesting
Theme 8: Enhancing the Productivity, Diversity and Sustainability of Cotton-based Production Systems through Efficient Resource Management
Theme 9: Socioeconomic Dimension of Cotton Production System and Technology Transfer/dissemination and Outreach
Technlogies Assessed and Transferred
Education, Training, and Capacity Building
Awards and Recognition
Linkages and Collaborations
AICRP on Cotton
Krishi vigyan Kendra (KVK)
Meetings | Workshop | Conferences | Trainings
Research Articles | List of publications from CICR
Consultancy, Patents, Commercialization of Technology | Significant decisions of RAC Meeting | Other Important Meetings / Events | Farmers Outreach Activities | Participation of Scientists in Conference/Seminars/ Symposia | Distinguished Visitors | Personnel | Other Information | Tribal Sub Plan | Library | Progressive Use of Hindi | Weather | Cotton Scenario.

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