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Job Announcement:

LDC post to be filled from SSS or LDC from other Institute on permanent transfer basis. .....Details GM cotton


Revised Tarrif for Qalitative and Quantitative analyses of HTBT and Bt Cotton


CICR Annual Report 2018-19


AICRP on Cotton Announcement

AICRP on Cotton Annual Report : 2019-20 GM cotton


Format of proposal for identification of Bt hybrids/varieties by CVIC....GM cotton


AICRP on Cotton Annual Group Meeting 2020 through Video Conference


Minutes of the Varietal Identification Committe for Bt cotton varieties/hybrids - 2019


Sharing of cotton varieties and other trait based stable lines with private sectors



Bt Cotton Evaluation Announcement

Guidelines for Evaluation of Bt cotton varieties and hybrids with bio-safety cleared transgenic events through ICAR-AICRP on Cotton

Evaluation of Bt cotton variety (MON-531) and approved Bt Hybrids....more


Cotton Crop Protection



ICAR-CICR, Nagpur organizes Krishi Unnati Mela & Scientists – Farmers Interface Meet---Report

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Weekly advisory AICCIP Project Technology Mission on Cotton

ISCI Cotton Journal Indian Cotton Database Downloads

Package of practice for cotton cultivation KVK, Nagpur CICR newsletter

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